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Don't forget to check out the members area!

We have a huge selection of hacks that we have written in the members area that will allow you to add additional features to both the manager and the shopping cart.

The new hacks are now even easier to use with the new version of the cart because in most cases now the hacks are designed as plug-in's that just need to be uploaded to your store with no need for any actual programming changes.

We have spent thousands of hours designing these hacks and still have plans for a lot more in the future.

Also the purchase of the memberships is what helps support this project. Without the memberships we could not afford to put in all the time we do in development and supporting this free script. So support CommerceCGI and become a member today.

Here is a list of just some of the hacks available at the time this version was released!


* Froogle Download/FTP.
* Different productPage based on Category
* Wish List
* Product Reviews
* Product Hit Logging and Reporting
* Sales of Downloadable Items
* Calculate Shipping by Weight 
* Shipping by Subtotal 
* PayPal Gateway
* Image Manager 
* Search Engine Friendly 
* Advanced Tax Manager 
* Category Sub Header
* Search Logging
* Product Sales Logging
* USPS Shipping 
* Random Products Display
* Buy Now Button Generator
* Mail Order Gateway
* Coupon Support Manager
* Service Fee
* Category Templates 
* Order Manager 


* Sub Category Hack
* Inventory Control Hack
* Multiple Tax Hack
* Minimum Order Hack
* Remember Customer
* Quantity Pricing
* Tax Exempt Products

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