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Monday, Jan 22, 2013


New This Week From HRD


Hi everyone, Erin here.

I apologize for the lateness of this week's newsletter. The flu season has struck and it struck my home hard but now I am getting back on track and trying to get everything done that I have let fall behind.

It has been another busy week here at HRD. Final preperations are being made for the launch and also for the Orlando Hamcation Show in general. We are in booths 85 and 86 located by the exit to the food venders. For those of you who have visited us at a show before, be prepared to see a whole new booth layout that I am very proud of.

I have also been working on getting everything set up for the Launch Party. We were unable to find a hospitality suite that didn't require renting X number of rooms at the same hotel so I am looking at restaurants instead. The choices have been narrowed down to Mexican or a Steak House as those will have the larger variety of finger foods and beverages for everyone to snack on. Next week I should have a final decision as to the type, name, and location of the restaurant.

For those of you that haven't already downloaded it, the latest Beta can be found by clicking here.

There isn't an updated buglist this week as Erik and Rick are still working on some things. However, the pervious bugs and fixes are still on the front page of the website for those of you that would like to check them out.

For everyone that has purchased but has not yet received a key, we ask that you check your junkmail folder, and if you still haven’t found your key, email me, Erin KJ4MFO, at If I don't respond immediately, I will get with you by the end of the day.

Support for the Preview/Beta 2.2 is in a special category in the support forums. Support for the beta will be provided via the HRD forums, as many hams may run into the same issues and the solutions will be discussed in the forum. HRD will also provide email and support tickets for the 6.0 Preview/Beta 2. We will be closely monitoring the forums for any major issues resolving them as quickly as possible. The goal of the HRD Staff is to make the product defect free.

Until next week.



Microham Router Setup


Here lately, I have been doing tutorials to help some people get set up with the new version of HRD. These will continue for the next few weeks and then we will get back to the Featured Feature. Every once in a while, I will probably still put up some tutorials of items that we get a lot of questions or tickets on or if it is something that I feel needs further clarification. If there is something that you feel other people should need to know how to set up, please email me.

  • 1. Setup a seperate virtual serial port for FSK in the microham router manager. Also set up a virual serial port for PTT in the microham router manager.

  • 2. In DM780, pick fsk keying for the comm port you set up in the mham router (in this case, Com 29) and pick DTR and check the box for the microham router

  • 3. Pick the PTT comm port that you set up fr the microham (in this case, com 28)

  • 4. You are ready for FSK with the microham router.

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