Support Subscription

What is a Support Subscription?

First, you are buying a LIFETIME LICENCE to HRD 6.X.  You only need to buy once and you can use HRD 6.X forever. The lifetime license comes with a 1 year support and upgrade subscription. If you decide to never renew your support subscription, you license for the last release you are available for never expires

A "Support Subscription" means just that.  Support for a year, phone calls and remote fixing and free software upgrades.  It also means that you will receive the latest versions of HRD and any supporting utilities during that year for no additional cost.

Buy now and the support will be one year from your date of purchase!

Ham Radio Deluxe 6.0 retails for $99.95 for one year of support and upgrades. Those who have purchased 6.0 will get 6.1 and any other upgrades during that year at no additional cost. The optional support renewal after the initial year of support is ½ of retail, which is currently $49.95. Like 6.0, 6.1 will not stop working after the year of support if you decide not to renew

HRD will continue to provide major bug fixes for expired subscriptions for one revision back.  This will be at no charge.  Expired subscriptions will not receive any new features.